Willow | The Paper Project


I was asked to create a wearable structure that examines the ideas of gravity, light and movement. The final piece was expected to raise the viewer's awareness of each of those phenomenas. How I chose to raise the viewer's awareness of each of those terms,  how I chose to highlight gravity, light and movement, depended upon which aspects I deemed important based on what I wanted to communicate with my audience.

Questions Considered  

What is gravity? What is light? What is movement? Are everyday definitions suitable when applied to design? How do they work together? How would my audience respond, experience, or understand them? Through composition? Through exaggeration? Am I challenging or celebrating the audience's understanding and expectations?

Concept Statement

“Organic Materials are everywhere. Visually delicate in structure, It’s as if it could crumble in our hands, kind of like when you hold a bird wing or a dried out flower petal. Willow captures the essence of the natural world by expanding the the movement of the body. The paper manipulation placing emphasis on delicacy, while the larger than life scale challenges the materials visual quality. The construction of modular units used as connection speaks metaphorically about the natural world surround us.”


I began by sketching the human form. How does the body move? How does gravity effect movement? What is movement?  How do our body parts work either together or against movement? 


Studies of Movement with Chronophotography

Movement: Motion of all or part of the body, especially at the joint or joints

Chronophotography: an antique photographic technique from the Victorian era (beginning about 1867–68), which captures movement in several frames of print. These prints can be subsequently arranged either like animation cels or layered in a single frame.

Newton's third law states "A force is a push or pull that acts upon an object as a result of its interaction with another object."


I attached glow sticks to each body part. While taking a step forward, my arms swung in a full range of motion.  Movement reaches it peak when the light appears the brightest. Each time I take a step forward, movement is halted for a slight second. In response, my force is distributed upwards. This explains why each part of our body is essential in moving us forward.


Paper Studies, Sketches, Natural Science Museum

Early paper exploration

Early paper exploration

Sketchbook page with final paper type: tracing

Sketchbook page with final paper type: tracing

Observations from the North Carolina Natural Science Museum

Observations from the North Carolina Natural Science Museum

Observations from the North Carolina Natural Science Museum

Observations from the North Carolina Natural Science Museum


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