|design Manifesto| Part 2

I think in fragments. It begins with broken pieces. I have many broken pieces. Ideas,


The surface is cold, but quick to transform. My ideas which have rose cannot translate

to any verbal language. It’s a visual log, I keep under the stairs.

It’s an overbearing feeling to commitment. It keeps me tight but also can strangle. The

broken pieces are quite sharp. The answer is to design.

I am not one single idea. I am one who checks both side of the streets. I also check up

and down. Puddles and planes are a worry.

What is a designer, and what are disciplinaries?! I am wondering in exploration of


I will never wear a blinder because the taste of the open road is ever so sweet.

It’s a consist tension to follow back and forth. When I stop to reflect, it’s actually quite


Ideate, prototype, rework, and repeat. 4 simple steps, to unravel, to design.

Design is never one solution. My process will always consist of a pattern. I am the

designer, this process is my signature. It’s the unspoken marking I place in between.

The final solution, is much more than glass reflection. Without process, the designer in

me cannot work. Process is tricky. It can become the webs I am tangled within.

I find my flow in rhythm and repetition. Between the real and illustrated world. Organic in

nature, depth and perception. My greatest hero’s.

I gravitate to the outside world within. To study design is to communicate. Irony is sweet.

The visual spoken to all.

Design is a manic lover of mine. It never bores me. Its a part of me which I cannot walk

away. So many pieces. They spread in all directions, but somehow they become

magnetic. This force is strong. My broken pieces will always become whole. It’s in this

moment I find my greatest satisfaction. Nothing brings so much happiness. This

moment is short lived, and than I began again. Did I mention how meditative this is?


To honor my own declaration of design intentions. May I reflect, and learn from all

explorations. The process is ever evolving. I am a designer ever growing. We are not to

become designers but to live as the designer. It’s a code of honor to my self and my

dear lover.

May I never stop creating.

Design, beautiful experiences!


24 year old self


April,13, 2016

working for 16 hours. I am going crazy. Design or die. This is what you are meant to do.