Create an isometric illustration of a billionaire's NYC penthouse.


 This drawing will be part of a mock assignment to create a series of illustrations for an article called the “Statussphere” – a story about the lifestyle of the 1 percent of the 1 percent club. 

File 42 | Playing with a floating city conept, still working within the isometric grid.

File 42

Introducing background as floating city.

 File 44 | Introduced real photos. I was aiming to soften the transition between the two perspectives. I wanted the final image to read as a more believeable space.

File 44

Playing with new perspectives and color burn.


Create dramatic billboard for your illustration. Your billboard must have the following : Curvy text, part of the sign that goes off the edge of a basic rectangle billboard. Create you drawing flat first. Scan, and construct. 

Billboard Ad found in NY. | Throughout the semester, we were assigned smaller illustrationwhich would later become part of the pinhouse. 

A Billboard Ad found in New York

SSR method ( Scale, sheer, rotate)


Robot Butler

The first assignment in the Statusphare collection. First edition. 


Robot Butler 

Second edition.