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Katie Rant is a passionate creative who always rises to meet any challenge. She is a fashion, surface and print designer who finds inspiration in tactile experiences, culture and storytelling. Her fine art background, natural graphic sense, and intensive study of design theory has equipped Katie with a superlative creative tool box.

As a non-traditional learner, Katie’s often inventive way of thinking offers eccentric, offbeat solutions. Ambitious and hardworking, she takes full initiative thought every step of her creative process. Her energetic attitude and memorable aesthetic tendencies lend themselves to delivering designs with enormous panache. While small in stature, Katie creates big things. She is a fearless risk taker whose dramatic imagination proves itself worthy during the crucial ideation phase of creating. Katie’s Keen organizational skills help focus and nurture her thoughts and ideas while providing her with the optimum habitat within which to practice precision. Katie, a firm believer in lifelong learning, cherishes exquisite craftsmanship while always embracing both experimentation and play.